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La Gaillette - Terms and Conditions

CTerms and Conditions

By ordering products on our website, you confirm your acceptance of the following general terms and conditions and agree to be bound.

1 - Definition of the Parties

General conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between the client's website and Gaillette S.A.R.L. whose registered office is located at 1 rue de la Gare 59980 Honnechy Siret 539 632 844. EPA 4639B.

2 - Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

Validation by the client of his order implies acceptance of these Conditions and without reserve.

3 - Confirmation and conclusion of sale:

The product price is payable in cash on the day of the order. The payment is made by check or postal or bank transfer (on request) or Paypal payment obligation without opening a Paypal account. The order validated by the customer will be considered by the Gaillette SARL upon receipt of payment. Moreover, Gaillette SARL reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute.

4 - Price :

The prices indicated on the website are in Euros. They are net. Delivery fees are charged in addition to the weight of the package and you can choose your shipping method for metropolitan France, contact us for delivery outside of mainland France.

5 - Availability:

If a product is missing, the Gaillette SARL will exchange the product with a similar or greater value in order not to delay the delivery (unless otherwise specified by the customer).

6 - Delivery and coverage of the offer:

The delivery period will not begin until payment is received. The Gaillette SARL undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the customer within a specified period depending on the choice of the carrier by the customer, in France, except in cases of force majeure (strikes, fires, epidemics, and in general all the external factors Gaillette SARL) the possible delays do not give the customer the option of re , proclaiming damages. The recipient must monitor the status of packages in the presence of the deliveryman, to find and train specific remarks on the travel voucher before the initial and confirm its reserves by registered letter e within 48 hours to the carrier with a copy to the Gaillette SARL The lack of extinguishes any claim reserves. The goods travel at the risk of the customer or the recipient. If the customer wants two places of delivery, it must pass two commands with the transport costs associated. If all or part of the delivery address is incorrect, transportation costs in effect requiring redirection by Gaillette Ltd. are the sole responsibility of the customer.

7 - Means of payment :



By credit card. By Paypal.

Once the proper receipt, we will prepare and ship your order

8 - Withdrawal period:

The customer has a period of seven days (7 days) after receipt of purchase to retract without having to give any reasons or incurring penalties (Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code). return will be accepted only with a complete command in its original packaging. return This is done by post or by courier at the expense of the customer. During a refund, the customer is refunded by check returned to the billing address specified on the order.

9 - Return Merchandise :

For any return packages, you must (s) back by post to the following address: The Gaillette SARL - 1 rue de la Gare - 59980 Honnechy.

Of course, attach to your return an explanatory letter or send an email to

Please note that shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

10 - Protection of personal data:

Accordence the Act and Freedom'' computer'' dated 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify your personal data. We promise not to transfer such data to third parties for publication, analysis or mailing advertising.

11 - Photos :

All our photos are NOT CONTRACTUAL.