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La Gaillette - Historical


The genesis of Gaillette

The coking Waziers factory, transforming coal, was providing essentially metallurgical coke. The gas produced during the carbonisation plant fed near the Great Parish who extracted hydrogen to produce ammonia and then restored gas for heating oven batteries.

Responsible of the production of this factory, Marcel Fourmaux was able, at its request, to get to the bottom to realize the hard task of miners he respected deeply.

When he went back, a pot was organized with beer, he was enjoying the ales made in the tradition of the North Pas de Calais. Pictures were taken to commemorate the event.

After his death and as a tribute to his father and minors, his son Patrice decided to make a beer respecting the tradition of northen beers of yesteryear.

For the label he chose one of the pictures of his father. To remember the name of minors, he decided to call it "the Gaillette" (piece of large coal).